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After completion of short-term study at Bloomberg College, we will help you in choosing your university so that we know you have got the best. If you think you want to choose the University by yourself. we’ve got four top tips to help you.

1) Location

Location is a really important factor to consider when applying for university, as you want to live somewhere that makes you feel at home. Are you likely to miss your family? Or maybe you can’t wait to get away? Take this into consideration when thinking about university, it can help give you a much better experience.

2) Course

This is a crucial one, as it’s the main reason you’re going to university. Course content differs depending on which university you choose to go to, so make sure you do your research. This will help you find out if the modules match your strengths, and increases the chances of choosing something that suits you and your future plans. You also need to think about entry requirements – for instance, whether your predicted grades good enough – and employment statistics, as graduates of some universities, have a better track record of landing jobs than others.

3) Living costs

Being a student can be expensive, so make sure you research the cost of living in your chosen location. It’s worth looking into the cost of accommodation, whether it be halls of residence or house sharing, to make sure you can afford where you are going. Some universities will also offer a bursary (a grant that helps with the cost of fees, books, rent, etc.) and it’s definitely worth checking if you are entitled to one.

4) Environment

Environments differ among universities. Campus universities tend to have everything you need in one location (halls, lectures, shop, bar, restaurant, etc.), whereas others provide more independence and are spread across a city or town. Think which you would prefer, and factor travel arrangements into your thought process.

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